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Overthinking it...

Last year, I was wandering around H&M when I saw this little skirt. I thought it was the cutest! As I tried it on, I thought to my self, "Self, look at how those ruffles hit right around the part of your body with which you are the least pleased." Then I told myself I was being ridiculous, and I bought the skirt. 

And then I didn't wear it.

I finally pulled it out of the closet today. I have to admit, I was feeling a little nervous when I left the apartment. There was a lot of the "check to see what you look like in shop windows" on my way to the office. And then, I got to work, and I kind of forgot about worrying about how I looked. Then, several of my colleagues commented on the skirt, all favorably. As I walked home, I started thinking...I haven't worn this skirt in a year, all because of something that wasn't going on on my body, but something that was going on in my head.

I get my "Aha Moments" from a lot of places, and today I happened to have one prompted by a skirt. But I will be trying from here on out to get out of my head, and into clothing that I simply like.

Skirt: H&M
Top: Thrifted
Shoes: Modcloth
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: H&M
Scarf: Vintage (similar)


  1. Well the skirt looks great!!!

  2. I have SO been there, sister! And Lissy's right -- the skirt looks gorgeous on you. So glad it finally got to see the light of day!

  3. the skirt turns out to be great, it's an interesting piece and you wear it well!

  4. You look so pretty! Although I can only see a fragment, it looks like you live in a beautiful area.

    Also, I just released the summer 2011 edition of my new magazine Femme and I'd appreciate if you checked it out :) You can view it for free here:

  5. @Allyson @ Decoding Dress, Pop Champagne Seriously, here I was not wearing this skirt (but keeping it in my closet) all because I was afraid it would make my tummy look bigger. A) Why should I care if it does? and B) It actually doesn't! I think I am not alone here, I wish I knew we why let body issues psych ourselves out of things we love...

  6. You look amazing! It's funny how we get into our own heads like that, but glad you finally decided to let it go - good choice on your part!

  7. Anonymous7/21/2011

    what tummy, you crazy bell!

  8. No way - the ruffles totally camouflage the tummy! There is no way to tell if it is poochy, concave or somewhere in the middle. All you see are cute ruffles! I wish I had one of these to conceal my post pregnancy kangaroo pouch. Bummer that it's a year old!

  9. It's funny how we all have an image of ourselves but others don't see us like that. Like I went 'What tummy? You should see my hips.' While someone else possibly thinks that of her thighs!
    It is a pretty skirt though.

  10. I've definitely been there. I find something htat is a beautiful color or style, but that I can't bring myself to wear because I think it makes my shoulders look a little wide or makes my tummy look bigger. I'm learning to look at the overall picture and not focus on the imperfections that nobody else notices. Great post!

  11. The skirt turned out great! You look very pretty and loving your bright yellow scarf.

    <3 Marina

  12. I can see why you got compliments on the's adorable and love how you styled it with that top.

  13. Thanks all for weighing in. It really is fascinating to me how sometimes what we think are our biggest obstacles to liking how we look are all in our heads..

  14. Self: this skirt rocks!

  15. Great choice in deciding to wear it! It's perfect on you!!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style