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Overthinking it...

Last year, I was wandering around H&M when I saw this little skirt. I thought it was the cutest! As I tried it on, I thought to my self, "Self, look at how those ruffles hit right around the part of your body with which you are the least pleased." Then I told myself I was being ridiculous, and I bought the skirt. 

And then I didn't wear it.

I finally pulled it out of the closet today. I have to admit, I was feeling a little nervous when I left the apartment. There was a lot of the "check to see what you look like in shop windows" on my way to the office. And then, I got to work, and I kind of forgot about worrying about how I looked. Then, several of my colleagues commented on the skirt, all favorably. As I walked home, I started thinking...I haven't worn this skirt in a year, all because of something that wasn't going on on my body, but something that was going on in my head.

I get my "Aha Moments" from a lot of places, and today I happened to have one prompted by a skirt. But I will be trying from here on out to get out of my head, and into clothing that I simply like.

Skirt: H&M
Top: Thrifted
Shoes: Modcloth
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: H&M
Scarf: Vintage (similar)