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This past Sunday was Day O' Fun for The Boston Fashionista. First, I watched Mr. BF take a helicopter lesson, then we had breakfast at a roadside diner. The beach was next on the list, and it was so warm and relaxing I may or may not have napped for awhile. Afterwards, I met my girlfriend (who is getting married in a few months) to see Bridesmaids (note: hilarious!). Finally, I met up with my blogger friend Shanna from Shanna's Eye View for a shopping party from Shop Calico.

Shanna and Shop Calico's owner, Elissa, were so welcoming, and they didn't seem to mind that I still had sand all over me and smelled like sunscreen. Shop Calico has new and vintage items (like this amazing dress that I picked up at the party) - you should absolutely check out their website! From a sheer, cobalt dress to vintage YSL, the selection is lovingly handpicked by Elissa and is reasonably priced. I'm definitely a new fan!

Skirt: Anthropologie (similar)
Glasses: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors

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  1. Oh sounds like you had a great weekend!

    I really want to see Bridesmaids too - everyone's raving about it.

    And as for your outfit - so fun!


  2. @Miss A Be prepared to laugh. A lot. It's a hoot!

  3. i am in love with this skirt!!! it is so very lovely :)


  4. Anonymous6/21/2011

    can we have a tutorial or at least a close-up of that updo?

    calico's website has some great stuff! there goes this month's budget...

  5. @Mary Lane Um, tucked in ponytail? With stray hairs pinned up with bobby pins? I wish I could say it was fancier than that...but I had just come from the beach! And yes, Shop Calico can really test the shopping diet!

  6. love that skirt. it's really funky and i feel like you could pair a lot of different colours and prints with it.

  7. all the colors of your outfit are so pretty!

  8. Ah I want to see Bridesmaids! I haven't seen it yet - I'm so behind! I love this look - the colors, the mix of prints, those sunglasses - it's perfect! You look so sunny and summery.

    And we really should change the name of our blog to "our mom's closet" - we're always sneaking in there and coming out with the most wonderful things! ;)

    sorelle in style

  9. Haha your comments that you leave me always make me laugh.. Nice look.. Hmm helicopter flying lesson? I would be scared to do that..

    All the best, Angel

  10. @le sorelle For reals, ladies, you've been knocking it out of the park with Mom's Wardrobe lately. Hmmmm, "Mom's Wardrobe" might be the name of the my new band. The previous name was "Losers With Cool Backpacks". Not that I play any instruments. Or sing.

  11. Sounds like you had a fun action packed day. And I LOVE the print of the skirt!

  12. I love it so colorful!!! Great outfit specially the pencil skirt gorgeous.

    <3 Marina