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Wrapper's Delight

We all owe Diane von Furstenberg a huge favor. When she introduced the wrap dress in 1973, she gave woman-kind a universally flattering, sexy-but-demure dress that travels well and works miracles. The wrap dress gives skinny girls curves. The wrap dress accents curvy girls' waists. It looks good with a baby bump. You can see it on Jerry Hall, and you can see it on Kate Middleton. And while DvF still makes the best, there are plenty of other brands on the market who make a great wrap (like this one from Target)!

Wrap dresses also highlight the collarbone, and thus are the perfect outfit to accentuate a statement necklace. Whether it is a delicate little chain, or big, chunky beads, the wrap can really show it off!

I'm also in love with this leather jacket. I have really been gravitating towards chartruse lately; I just find the color so cheerful and weird. And on top of the color, this jacket has ruffles!

Dress: Target
Jacket: Terry Lewis
Shoes: Ferragamo
Necklace: Anthropologie
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Tilly's

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