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Please Harem Don't Hurt 'Em

There's a sudden influx of harem pants on the runways, the likes of which we haven't seen since M.C. Hammer ruled the airwaves. Let's be realistic. Harem pants are...problematic. And I am not Denise Huxtable. But! I am nothing if not ambitious, adventuresome and audacious. So bring on the pants, and please Hammer, don't hurt 'em!

I actually love these pants, and I think they could look good styled a number of different ways! The important thing seems to be finding pants in the right fabric, and absolutely, positively wearing them with heels. I think flats would make this look a little too I Dream of Jeannie. And while you may want really, really well made harems, I would suggest skipping the Balmain and going with H&M. I am going to go out on a limb and say that this trend may not be around long. That's not going to stop me from wearing it in the meantime!

Pants: Forever 21
Top: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Modcloth
Necklace: Karla's Closet
Watch: Michael Kors

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  1. You look so classy and those pants are sooooo HOT I love them!! Loving everything from head to toe!!


  2. @Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle

    Thanks! I ended up LOVING these pants more and more as I wore them throughout the day.

  3. I think those pants looks awesome! The style needs to be just perfect, override some on with too low a crotch and I look like I am wearing a diaper! You picked a perfect pair :)

  4. You look cute in them. I think the key to harem pants is to not buy a pair with a huge wide McHammer's. Your fit is perfect! And I love the color!

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