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Plastic and Fur

I was recently lucky enough to meet the CEO of Melissa Shoes America, Michele Levy, at Harvard Business School. Over lunch, we chatted about a number of aspects of her business, like building a brand, marketing and her sales philosophy. As if she wasn't enough of a business inspiration, Ms. Levy was a fashion inspiration as well! 

I had seen fur vests all over the recent runways, but I wasn't seeing them in real life.  Ms. Levy rocked one at the conference, and it made me really want to give one a try! Fur can be problematic for many people, for ethical or economic reasons, but I found this faux fur vest at Kohl's for an extremely reasonable price. And, in honor of Ms. Levy, I paired it with an amazing pair of Melissa shoes...

In an effort to experiment more with photos (and being that I was swamped with paycheck-inducing activities during the daylight hours), I tried some evening and indoor photographs, and my extremely scientific hypothesis about evening and indoor photos being totally sucky was confirmed. 

Also confirmed, my inability to be photographed without a big, toothy smile.  The whole time this photo was being taken, I could feel my mouth doing all kinds of crazy, uncomfortable things.  Sort of like after you've had dental work...

Vest: Kohl's
Top: Gap
Skirt: Target
Necklace: Guess
Scarf: H&M
Coat: Vintage Searle

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  1. stop sucking, indoor lighting! just stop it!!