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Blame it on the Rain

I am actually a very smart person. However! I am clearly not the smartest blogger. "Start a fashion blog", I said. "It will be so much fun to take spring pictures", I said. Apparently I was forgetting that I live in New England where it pours in the spring. Constantly.  But never fear, I am committed to buying lots of new raincoats and umbrellas providing new content every day!

This post was originally intended to be all about houndstooth, with maybe a little aside on stacking bracelets with your watch. And those are all good things! Or at least much better than griping about rain. So allow me to introduce the houndstooth, who, like its cousin the stripe, goes with everything. I have been wearing this skirt all winter with sweaters and boots; now I'm transitioning into spring by pairing it with a yellow checked tuxedo top.

But when it comes down to it, most people today will be seeing me in this rain coat. There is something about a trench, whether it is printed or plain khaki that just looks pulled together. What do you think? How do you dress when it's raining?

Blouse: Anne Klein - swapped!
Skirt: Harold's
Belt: Consigned (Second Time Around)
Shoes: Melissa Shoes
Coat: Target
Scarf: H&M
Gloves: H&M
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Consigned (Eva B.)