Trapper Hat / Polar Vortex

Ellie Kai cardigan, Kensie you look pretty jeans, trapper hat

Tahari puffy coat, best puffy coat, kensie you look pretty jeans

Ellie Kai cashmere, kensie jeans, theory scarf, trapper hat, how to wear a trapper hat

I know, I know, I keep talking about the crazy cold weather! Thank goodness for cozy pieces, like cashmere cardigans and scarves, comfortable Kensie jeans and a serious trapper hat. Does it look a little ridiculous? Sure. Does it keep my head and ears warm while waiting for the T when the wind chill is negative 4? Absolutely. Trapper hat for the win. 

HAT: Restoration Hardware SUNGLASSES: Gucci TEE: J. Crew CARDIGAN: Ellie Kai (c/o) SCARF: Theory (seen also here) BAG: Longchamp (seen also here) JEANS: Kensie (c/o) COAT: Tahari (on sale! Under $150!)

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  1. Can't believe how cold its been this winter. I never wear winter hats and I've been sporting a few now.

    1. I hear you - this hat is new and so is that puffy coat. I have lived all this time in New England without a puffy coat and I have to say - it may not be the most fashionable item in my closet, but it is certainly the warmest!

  2. Such a cute hat! You look adorable!

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  3. I love a good trapper hat! I have yet to find my perfect match. You're rocking it!


    1. I'll admit, it feels kind of ridiculous to wear it... but with how cold it has been, it has become a necessity!

  4. You pull off the trapper hat well!! I've had to get over how ridiculous I look in a puffy coat. At least we're halfway through winter! :)